Poop Cleanup Glossary - Audio Feces Cleanup Buttons Audio (mp3 download)


A poop cleanup narrative ought to rely on science in some manner. Here's a poop cleanup glossary as it pertains to this web site.

AEROBIC means that bacteria inside an upon poop need oxygen, which is the opposite of anaerobic.

AGAR, powder, is used to help poop's solidification

AIR-DRY means to us dry air on glass slides before applying heat fixing and staining

AGGLUTINATION the reaction between antigen and specific antibody

ALIQUOT is used to apply a determined amount of liquid with a pipette

ANALOG structures similar to other structures, but not exactly the same. We find analog in wild nature. Whales have analog structures in their flippers structured much like the human hand

ANTIBODY a substance consisting of a protective protein that protects an immune system in defencse against antigens

ANTIGEN a foreign agent causing an immune response

ASEPTIC TECHNIQUE means a process guarantee outcome for sterility and a reduction in contaminatio


COAGULATION clotting of blood or plasma

COLIFORMS gram - rods which ferment lactose, nonsporeforming

COLONY a growing mass of bacteria on a solid surface, clones

FASTIDIOUS hard-to-grow bacteria, requiring grow factors or particular nutrients

FECAL COLIFORMS gram-rods which ferment lactose, nonsporeforming, GI flora in animals, in feces

FLAGELLA is like a tail or a motion causing structure

FLAGELLATION similar to flagella and cause motion from around the celll

GENUS a category of that shows an organism's relationship to related species and as dived into species

MICROAEROPHILIC prefers reduced oxygen environments

MONOSACCHARIDE simple sugar, e.g. glucose MYCELIUM A visible mass of hyphal filaments NA/NB nutrient agar or nutrient broth

NONIONIC has no electrical charge

OBLIGATE AEROBE oxygen requiring organisms

ANAEROBE has no need of oxygen to grow and poisoned by oxygen at times and places

PATHOGENIC causes diseases

PHENOTYPE a gene trait giving structure and content to organisms

PLAQUE destruction of the bacterial lawn by a bacteriophage as the lytic infection progresses

PLATE COUNT AGAR variation of nutrient agar, for optimizing counts of bacteria in samples

POUR PLATE procedure where liquifiedagar has been poured into a petri dish after being mixed with bacteria

PRIMARY DYE the 1st dye used in a differential stain, e.g. malachite green, crystal violet, carbol fuschin

OSEPIECE rotating turret attached to the 3 lenses

RESAZURIN oxygen indicator in thioglycollate broth, pink when oxygenated

SEROLOGY blood serum analyized for antigen or antibodies

SPECIES belonging to a genus with identical organisms, a clone

THERMAL DEATH TIME heat application required to completely sterilize bacteria or viruses

TRANSIENT FLORA are those microorganisms, germs, that come-and-go from the body without much effort.

ZONE OF INHIBITION the place where bacteria cannot grow around chemical applications