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I started this poop cleanup business when it became apparent that my biohazard cleanup business with no longer pay my business expenses. So there's no reason to stay in a business when you cannot even pay for its existence. So what's up with this?

I didn't go into the infectious waste cleanup business to cleanup poop, and human poop, dog poop, cat poop, rat poop, mice poop, or other types of poop, wild nature "skat." I didn't know that we called other animals poop "skat" until well into my adult years. It's something that biologists and zoologist are known to use.

Not to change the subject, but I do think it's interesting that as a young boy in Bellflower, California I heard my relatives use the word "skat." The used in the context of ordering a a family cat from the kitchen when we sat down to eat. Uncle Bob used it, my mother used it, a big sister used it, and I know my grandmother use that word. I just assume that it was a word that meant "get outta here." I did not meant poop.

Now I think it's interesting how language works and how we can use it for an entire lifetime and not know that it's used in a different context. I learned about poop's other terms as years passed. I know I've heard the phrase, "oh poop" many times, especially when I was growing up. In this context it became analogous to "darn" or "fiddlesticks." These terms all connote a sense of disappointment, a disparagement of a moment in which the uncontrollable occurs. We were likely to hear these terms expressed when changing a bicycle tire and accidentally putting a screwdriver through our innertube or worse puncturing our bicycle tire. Today we might even hear these terms in the context of locking our car keys in our cars. Although we have cell phones most of the time these days and can call for help, they Cal more unpleasant the situation may have been for us before the cell phone arrived.

It's been a few years since I've locked my car keys in the vehicle. Now I don't say "fiddlesticks" or "darn" or "oh poop!". Now I say something more vulgar, but I'll leave that subject for another time and place. Here I just wanted get into the idea that the term poop has a history and we've applied it in many ways. Mostly we've applied it to those situations involving a sense of dread in our lives for however short period of time.

The Word "Poop"

Mostly we've used the word "poop" in the recent past in the context of excrement, defecating, feces, usually we do not see the word "feces" because it sounds weird for one reason, and another reason is that in polite company were raised not to talk about feces, poop, generally. Even when a medical doctor asked us about our "stool" we may be embarrassed even if we do understand the meaning of the word stool. It means poop, feces,.

Yes, there are other terms for poop, like Darn. We even use the word "dung" as part of a name for the African dung beetle. So here the word dung, which is a word analogous to poop, plays a part in identifying wild nature. This list grows with the more thought we give to poop. Overall though, those of us outside of the world of science tend avoid words like "poop" in "feces." I'm not sure about done though. I don't see why this would carry much emotional baggage force since in our culture we do not use this term dung much at all. So how could it have gathered a sense of taboo over the decades?

We use the term poop in the context human excrement most often. We use poop because it's less offensive than kaka. It's even less offensive and other terms that I will not repeat here. When we went to be "professional" and scientific, we use feces. In whatever context, were talking about waste from an organism that occurs as the digestive process in nature eliminates one time nutrients as waste products. Here's a few other context in which we find the term poop:

Defecation, and this means a process used by an organism to extract feces from its body.
Pooper-scooper, and this phrase is used as a tool to pick up and remove pet poop from the floor of the home or ground outdoors.
Stern, meaning the rear or aft part of a ship, boat, or other water going form of transportation.
Poop deck means the deck of a vessel and applies to its roof or a cabin built in the rear (aft) of the ship or boat.

I'm pooped applies to being worn out from too much exercise or work.
"To be pooped" applies to nautical life applies to the motion of waves coming over the side of the boat, ship, vessel.

Poop also applies to a constellation and is known as the Puppis of the southern sky..
Poop applies to an episode found on television in a silly program known as Zoboomafoo.


Knowing how to price a poop cleanup business - Who Pays?

Pricing any product or service requires finding a "sweet spot," an optimum price to gain attention and buyers.

And it is easier said than done. Finding the sweet spot as driven many businesses to ruin. We are told that every year for out of five businesses go bankrupt or otherwise go out of business. I can see how this is true at any one moment. It applies to my business.

In the poop cleanup business finding that sweet spot is especially difficult. There are a number of variables like doing poop cleanup work itself. Then there's covering costs related to vehicles and insurance as well as marketing. Then there's finding that level of profit needed to make it all worthwhile. And there's a few more parts to the sweet spot puzzle.

I have three vehicles and all three are over 10 years old. One is 20 years old. So maintenance cost must apply to finding that sweet spot. There is the daily grind of paying for gasoline. Then there's the cost of oil.

And I have not even begun to talk about tires, which now cost up to $900 and more for one set. I find it easier just to buy a new set of tires than the place one or two at a time. It happens at the remaining tires that are sort of okay will need replacement soon, and buying tires when it is time cost more than buying a set. Plus there is the time lost going to the shop to buy tires.

Then there is insurance for my vehicles. All three require insurance. Insurance never goes down. It only goes up. Luckily I'm a defensive driver in the few accidents I've had over the years have been the result of someone else's carelessness. I will admit to sliding down a mountain road and crashing into the side of a mountain, but even the damage there remains on my Ford van's right fender. I see no sense in fixing it. Likewise, I left the rear fender didn't as testimony to others recklessness on the road. When July 4 evening somebody crashed into my van has it set peacefully alongside the road, more than legally parked minding its own business. Of course the copra drove away because hit-and-run is not such a big deal for many people these days.

Then there's business insurance cost. These never go down. And I also have a biohazard cleanup endorsement just in case I find blood in poop. If he did not know poop, feces, is not considered biohazardous despite what another poop cleanup company claims. Poop is by its very nature and in the wild it's considered infectious for up to 28 days. So we handle poop carefully even in the wild.

This is not to say the poop does not become biohazardous. It does. It becomes biohazardous when it has human blood in its contents.Overall, I consider poop as a infectious agent and not biohazardous. Let me dispel any myths the poop can be handled carefully without leading to some sort of illness or disease. In the tri-state corner of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, we find the Haunta Virus writing on mouse poop. It turns out that the virus rides the mouse urine at the time of its excretion and finds its way to the mouse poop. The mouse poop may lay in quiet seclusion until some unwitting human comes along to disturb it.

Where might such poop disturbances occur to activate the Hunta Virus for the unwitting human? Caves. For centuries Native Americans dwelled in caves in the tri-state area, especially in New Mexico's Espanola region. Also, these days when plumbers enter closed-end spaces were mice may have resided for any length of time they to become exposed. The tighter the working space the greater the hazard depending on the amount of mouse poop present. I for one have clean junta virus environments twice in the Espanola mountains.

Who Pays for Poop Cleanup Services?